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The Voice User Interface Company - Voice User Interface Speech Recognition Dialog Design - Walter Rolandi, Ph.D., Copyright 2001-2005. All Rights Reserved.

The Voice User Interface Company - Services
  • Call Sample Studies
  • Expert IVR Reviews
  • Evaluation and optimization of existing DTMF IVR Systems
  • Voice Application Opportunity Analysis
  • DTMF to Speech Migration

  • Dialog Design
  • Grammar Development
  • Recognition Failure and False Positive Strategies
  • Multi-lingual, Multi-cultural Speech Applications
  • Usability Testing of Voice User Interfaces
  • Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech Testing, Tuning and Optimization

  • Selection and Creation of Auditory Cues
  • Selection of Voice Talent
  • Voice Branding Issues
  • Voice Recording, Directing and Processing
  • Core Technology Research and Development

  • Advanced Training Seminars in VUI Design and Assessment

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